美文故事之找谁倚靠 第32期:密西西比的回忆 Memories of the Mississippi_英语美文欣赏

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美文故事之找谁倚靠 第32期:密西西比的回忆 Memories of the Mississippi_英语美文欣赏

Memories of the Mississippi密西西比的回忆After Mom died, Dad and I took a trip together every summer, just the two of us, father and daughter.母亲去世后,我和父亲每个夏天都会一起旅行,就我们两个人,一个父亲,一个女儿。This was especially meaningful because Dad was aging and we lived two thousand miles apart—so a week with Dad, undistracted from other family members or from work, was a treat.这样做很有意义,因为父亲年纪越来越大,而我们住的地方又隔着两千英里,所以,这样跟父亲在一起呆一周,不受其他家人的打扰,不受工作的影响,简直是就是生活对我们的款待。Our first destination was a cruise up the Mississippi.我们要沿着密西西比河向上游航行,

We boarded the steamboat in St.Louis and noticed that we were some of the youngest people on the cruise!在圣路易斯上船后,我们发现我们两人是船上最年轻的,Even Dad, at 73 looked young! We sat in rocking chairs on the deck, the warm breeze blowing on our faces,admiring the lush green trees lining the mighty river.即便是已经73岁的父亲看起来也很年轻。我们坐在甲板的摇椅上,吹着暖暖的风,欣赏这雄伟大河两岸葱翠的树林。A jazz band played in the background.一个爵士乐队在我们身后演奏着音乐。On the deck we met John who met the love of his life at a singles dance for senior citizens and asked her to marry him two weeks later.在甲板上,我们看到了约翰,他在一个单身老人舞会上遇到了一生的真爱,两周后,他便向她求婚了。It's John's first marriage at sixty-five.那是约翰第一次结婚,当时他65岁。Then there was Jane, a teacher from Little Rock, Arkansas who danced with Bill Clinton decades ago at a school fundraiser.然后我们遇到了简,她是一名老师,来自阿肯色州的小石城,她在几十年前的一次学校募捐活动中曾和比尔克林顿跳过舞。Sometimes on the deck Dad and I sat quietly, reading.有时,我和父亲就在甲板上静静地坐着,静静地读书。At lunchtime we stood in line for the buffet.中午,我们排队去打自助餐。People asked if Dad was my brother! Amazing for our thirty-eight-year age difference!有人问父亲是不是我的哥哥,当得知我们年龄相差38岁后,询问的人颇为惊讶。Dad filled his plate with bread, meats, and cheeses to make a sandwich.父亲要了块面包,一些肉还有奶酪,打算自己弄个三明治。The most important ingredient to any sandwich was mayonnaise.但是没有做三明治最重要的佐料蛋黄酱,Dad loved mayonnaise! Anything else between two pieces of bread was extra fillings.父亲是很爱吃蛋黄酱的。其实,除了蛋黄酱,其他加在这两块面包里的东西都是多余的。After lunch we docked at Alton, Missouri.午饭后,我们在密苏里州的奥尔顿靠岸了。This small town was home to dozens and dozens of antique shops.这个小镇有几十家古董店,Dad, with little interest in shopping or antiques, although he is almost an antique himself, walked in and out of shop after shop.虽然父亲既不喜欢购物又对古董不感兴趣,但是他却在一家又一家的店里进进出出。We walked up the hill, down the hill, and through the old town.我们上了山,又下了山,穿过了古老的小镇。We walked all day.我们走了一整天,It was the longest time I ever spent shopping with Dad.那是我和父亲一起购物时间最长的一次了。He was a good sport to come along, simply to spend time with me.父亲是个令人愉快的旅伴,这次随行,只为了和我共度时光。Each day blended together like the last, until seven days passed.每天都像昨天一样融为过去,七天的时间很快过去了。On the seventh day we reached Minnesota, the top of the Mississippi, and my home, Minneapolis.第七天,我们到了明尼苏达州,密西西比河的源头,也到了我的家,明尼阿波利斯市。Dad saw my house for the first time and met my two cats,Coconut and Coffee Bean. Coconut sat on his lap and purred.那是父亲第一次见到我的房子和我的两只叫可可纳特,科菲比恩的猫。可可纳特坐在父亲腿上,喉咙里发出呼噜呼噜的声音。The two became quick friends.父亲和它很快成了好朋友。This was the first of many trips we planned together, but unfortunately, it would be our last.那是我们计划的所有旅行的第一次,然而很不幸,也是最后一次。Dad died a few months later from being hit by a drunk driver while crossing the street in his hometown of Sacramento California.几个月后,在父亲的家,加利福尼亚州的萨克拉曼多,父亲在过马路时被一个酒后驾车的死机撞到,离开了人世。What made this trip special was our time together, the two of us.那次旅行的特别之处就是我们在一起的那段时间,那段只有我们两个人在一起的时间。I had grown from the teenager embarrassed to be with Dad to the adult cherishing our time together.我从一个不愿和父亲在一起的叛逆青少年变成了珍惜我们在一起的美好时光的大人。I'll always treasure these memories of my father, and be proud of who I have become.我会永远珍惜关于他的记忆,并因自己的改变而感到骄傲。